≫【News】The PV tester SoKODES won 2013 New Energy Award of New Energy Foundation; Natural Resource and Energy Agency Director General Award.

≫【News】NEDO delegation headed by Mr. Furukawa (NEDO's chairman) visited System JD.

NewsSystem JD won the highest award in Strategic Growth category of the 13th Annual Business Plan Contest and Clinic, MIT Enterprise Forum of Japan

≫【NewsSOKODES was certified under the Fukuoka City Trial & Order Certifying Program in 2013; outstanding products are certified, purchased and tried by Fukuoka city government to assist market promotion.

≫[News] The Nikkei Business Daily newspaper dated on 21st of October carried an articleabout SOKODES
remote monitoring system.

≫[News] Fukuoka KEIZAI magazine September carried an article on System JD.

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